When doing web design, it's critical to test how your page looks under different screen resolutions. Since the mobile web is exploding fast, you have to test against the mobile devices too. Resize is a Safari Extension that to make the process dead easy.


Resize built-in a list of popular preset buttons such as iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus one, Netbooks and Laptops. You can resize Safari's width and height to selected resolution with just a single click. Hover a second on any of those buttons, a handy description for that preset will show up.

Context Menu

If you are not a big fan of using the 30 pixel height presets Bar and want to keep the clutter minimum, simply hide it and instead, use the context menu. To access the context menu, right-click on anywhere of the web page.

Full Customizable

Customization is the king. In Resize, each preset is customizable, you can replace any of the presets with your own width, height and descriptions. You can even hide presets Bar or disable context menu if you want. All of those can be done via [ Safari - Preferences... - Extensions - Resize ] section.

Built-in reference book

Have no idea what's the resolution of a certain mobile device? Resize built-in a Mobile screen reference book which gives you a quick view of the most popular devices' screen resolution from various manufacturers like Apple, Google, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, Palm, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, SAMSUNG and more. Provided exclusively for Resize users.

Current Size in Real-time

One click presets is easy, now Resize makes manually resize interesting too. When you click and drag right-bottom of Safari window, Resize will show current size on its Bar in real-time.

Resize by Inner or Outer

One of another great features in Resize is that it allows you to set Safari window size by either Inner or Outer window. Outer window is the whole browser window including toolbar, addressbar, etc. Inner window is the content of the web page. By default, preset buttons will set Outer window to corresponding size. If you enabled "Resize by Inner window" option under preferences, it'll set Inner window to corresponding size.

Move To

Since version 1.3, Resize introduced a new "Move to" command which can be accessed from the context menu. With this command you can move Safari window to desired position accurately. Both of the X and Y coordinates are customizable in Preferences.

Solid engine and Lightweight

Resize is inspired by and based on my previous project resizeMyBrowser, a free web application does similar job which is now used by more than 60000 designers all over the world, quite popular in the web design community. I take care of every bit to make Resize solid and lightweight, keep it as small as only 16 KB. Compares to the web app, Resize offers more features such as "Offline usage","Resize multiple tabs at once", "Reference book" and "More customizable presets".

Always up to date

Resize takes advantage of Safari's update engine, you can always update to the latest version via [Safari - Preferences... - Extensions - Updates], for free!

Mac OS X only

Resize is designed exclusively for Safari 5 on Mac OS X, it will not work on Windows version of Safari.

No longer for sale

Resize Safari Extension worked well on Safari 5.01 to 11 on Mac OS X, sadly it doesn't work on Safari 12 or higher on macOS, it is no longer for sale. Sorry for the inconvenience.